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Business Summary for MATUSICH & GREEN LIMITED

MATUSICH & GREEN LIMITED is an Limited Company business incorporated in New Zealand on 11 Feb 1992. The business is recorded as Registered. It is not part of a group. The company has filed accounts. The company was incorporated 26 years ago.

Business informations for MATUSICH & GREEN LIMITED

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This defining feature of companies is called limited liability and is designed to give shareholders in the company protection from having to shoulder more than their fair share of debt. In other words, they can only lose the value of their shares.

However, if you’re involved in the running of the business as a director, you can be held liable for debts if your conduct is deemed to have been reckless, fraudulent or not in the company’s best interests. Lenders will also often only lend you capital once you’ve signed a personal guarantee over-riding your limited liability status.

Companies are taxed at the company tax rate – which is currently 28 cents in every dollar – while the profits received from companies by shareholders (usually as a dividend) are taxed as part of their individual income. This means tax will ultimately be paid on company profits at the shareholders’ tax rates, even though the company rate is 28%.

It is possible to tax some companies more like a sole trader or partnership by making an election with Inland Revenue for it to become a “look through company”

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Key Financials

Key Financials are not available as MATUSICH & GREEN LIMITED has not filed accounts. Accounts are required to be filed on or before 20/09/2013.

Company Accounts

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Annual AccountsDate Filed
Made up to 2015-03-312016-03-31
Made up to 2014-03-312015-03-31
Made up to 2013-03-312014-03-31

Directors and Secretaries of MATUSICH & GREEN LIMITED

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Current Officer NameAppointed
Mr Red Cliff 2015-03-31
Mr John Steward 2014-03-31
Mr Joy Bigfing 2013-03-31

Company Documents

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Document TypeDate Filed
RR01 Annual Retur 2015-03-31
RD01 Change of registered office address 2014-08-31
RD01 Change of registered office address 2013-03-31
SH01 Return of Allotment of shares 2012-02-31
NEWINC New Incorporation documents. 2011-01-31


13 The Concourse Henderson Auckland New Zealand


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